Annual Waste Reports

Annual Reporting of Hazardous and Nonhazardous Wastes

As the new year begins, many generators of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes are required to file annual reports to the Illinois EPA. These reports are the:

  • Annual Hazardous Waste Report - for Large Quantity Generators (facilities that generated more than 2200 lbs. of hazardous waste during any one month in the year). Due date - March 1 of following year. The $500 annual fee is also due with the filing.

  • Illinois Generator Nonhazardous Special Waste Annual Report - NEW as of July 2012 this form is no longer required.

The Illinois EPA is not mailing the Hazardous Waste Report forms, unless specifically requested (call 217-782-0450). They prefer all users file with their software, which must be downloaded at: IEPA Report Forms
For those facilities that submitted the Hazardous Waste Report, the agency has mailed reminder letters.

As always, our experienced staff is available to prepare these reports for you and/or determine if your facility falls into either category. We suggest you get an early start on this work. The reports are required even if you do not receive forms from the state.

If you need any assistance on these matters, please give us a call.

Jill Meyer, P.E.
Environmental Engineer


If a facility filed the Annual Hazardous Waste Report last year but this year is now below the reporting threshold, we recommend that they file the report and check the boxes as Small Generator or Non-Generator. In this case no annual fee is required. If you do not submit the form, the EPA will assume you should have and are now in violation.

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